The Essentials of a Successful Instagram Account

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Marketers should include Instagram into their social media marketing plan because of its 500 million daily users and the fact that more than 80 percent of the accounts on the platform follow a business account.
Your Instagram profile is where it all begins.
You can tell a good Instagram profile by its unique username and profile image, as well as its continuous stream of Instagram Stories and photographs. It also has an informative but enticing description that includes links to relevant landing pages or campaigns, and so on.
Check out the advice in the following paragraphs on how to create an Instagram profile that not only looks great but also entices prospective followers to follow and interact with you.
The Essentials of a Successful Instagram Account
This is a public profile (not a private one).
Your Instagram profile is set to be public by default, which means that anybody may see your profile and posts on the social media platform.
Your Instagram profile should be business-oriented if you’re using it for that purpose. Everyone should be able to see and follow you if they want. (If you don’t want your images to be visible to anybody who sees your profile, you should make your profile public so that those who find it are more likely to follow you.)
For your profile to be visible:
Take a look at the settings (the gear button or three dots on Android) and make sure “”Private Account”” is not enabled.

Searchable and Recognizable @Username (i.e., Handle)
Begin by ensuring that, like your company name, your username is clearly identifiable and searchable. People looking for your company are more likely to find your account if your business name is the first part of your username, even if your business name is already used as a username. Lorna Jane, an Australian sportswear brand, utilises the handle @lornajaneactive as an illustration of this.
@username may be changed here:
To edit your profile, go to your profile page and click the “”Edit Profile”” option next to your profile picture.

The next step is to input your prefered username by clicking on the text or free area to the right of the person symbol.

  1. A Name That’s Easier to Find
    The next step is to fill up the “name” part of your profile with your company’s entire name.
    In search results, this will display next to your profile picture and your username.

Your company name may be changed by clicking “”Edit Profile.”” on your profile page. Then, besides the clipboard symbol at the top, click on the text or free area and insert your prefered company name.

  1. An Instagram Profile Picture That Represents Your Brand
    When someone visits your Instagram profile, your profile picture is the first thing they see since it’s prominently featured in the upper right corner. Make sure it’s something that’s consistent with your other social media accounts.
    This will most likely serve as your company’s logo in the marketplace.

As you can see, the profile picture for Relevate is a circle. Our profile picture was automatically cropped into a circle (110 pixels in diameter) by Instagram when we uploaded it to the service.
The circular picture does not need to be created by you. As a result, you should submit a square picture with your logo in the middle, with the corners taken off, so that the programme can crop the photo into a circle without difficulty.
Keep in mind that Instagram’s minimum profile photo size is 110 by 110 pixels, which is exactly a square. You don’t want to wander too much from this minimum; if you do, your profile page visitors will see a fuzzy or stretched picture.
Instagram will crop the corners in the final profile picture, as seen in the sample below:

You may play about with the cropping options by dragging the circle or using pinch-to-zoom.
To upload a new profile picture or modify an existing one, follow these steps:
Click “”Edit Profile”” on your profile page.
As soon as you’ve done that, click on “”Edit.”” If you currently have a profile picture, this will show underneath it.)
You may then pick an image from your computer’s picture collection or import one from Facebook or Twitter. There’s no need to rush out and get a new one right now.

Consider seasonal trends and don’t be scared to change your look for a month to celebrate a certain theme.. For example, in honour of Pride Month in June, we temporarily changed the colour of our logo. On a desktop computer, this is how it appears right now:

Attractive photos of cats on Instagram @Cats Of Instagram
This Instagram has a profile photo that resembles a hipster cat and showcases many cats on Instagram.

JetBlue, unlike many other firms on Instagram, posts a distinctive, yet still on-brand, colour pattern.

Since Kylie Cosmetics’ logo includes lipstick spilling from full lips, the company added a little festive cheer. The company’s appearance was suddenly spruced up with the addition of a Santa hat to the lips.
Excellent, Doable, and Insightful Bio
When someone visits your profile, they’ll see your “”bio”” (i.e., the description at the top of your profile).
150 characters is the limit for your post: Make good use of them by letting others know who you are and why they should care about what you have to say. Add a dash of individuality to your bio by mentioning who you are and what you do.

The following are some real-life examples to get you started:

WeWork: “Our mission is to provide our members the resources they need to “create a life, not just a livelihood.”

OREO: “See the world through our OREO Wonderful lens.”

California Farms: “Creating, concocting, and cold-brewing a plant-based future that is both tasty and nutritious. It is our mission to make it simple for you to #MakeMoreHappen,” says Califia Farms.

For example, you may promote a certain hashtag or a link in your profile by utilising this area. Here are a few such examples:

You should include a trackable link in your bio (that you change often)
When it comes to moving visitors away from Instagram to a website, a Twitter page, or anywhere else, Instagram isn’t exactly a terrific platform for doing so. To put it another way, clickable URLs are only permitted in your bio’s “”website”” field.
The “”website”” section of your Instagram bio is a great place to provide a link to your company’s website. This makes it simple for users to move directly from Instagram to your website, blog, or a particular campaign you’re doing.
To entice users to click on the link in your bio, you may use a sly trick. Using the link in the captions of each photos. Have you ever seen a caption using the phrase “”Link in bio””? They want you to click on the link in their bio to go to their profile page.
It’s a great way for people to stay up to date on what you’ve been up to and what you’re offering.
What if you’re conducting a contest or trying to get more readers to your blog? You may just modify the URL and then submit a picture with the new link in the description.
To update your bio’s link, use the following instructions: Click “”Edit Profile”” on your profile page. Next, just type in the URL you want to use into the URL field.

You have complete control over how frequently you want to modify the URL of your profile page.
I’ve heard that Instagram frequently blocks shortened links, but we haven’t had any issues with that at Relevate. So that you can know how much of your traffic comes from your Instagram page, we propose that you use shortened links with UTM tracking codes. You may learn how to build UTM codes to monitor your URLs by reading here.
Once you’ve made the adjustment, all you have to do is post a picture with a comment referencing your new URL in your bio. In the example below, we stated in the description, “”FMI about Grow With Relevate, check the link in bio. “

Notifications Can Now Be Received
You should check your “”Options”” settings before going to sleep to ensure that notifications are enabled so that you can see when others share or comment on your images. You’ll be able to interact with them more quickly and simply, as many corporations do on Twitter.
To enable alerts, go to the following URL: “Options” and “Push Notification Settings” may be found there.

When selecting a category, choose “From Everyone.” (With the possible exception of “”Friends on Instagram,”” which automatically sends a friend request to your Facebook friends who also have Instagram, and “”Instagram Direct Requests,”” which accepts photographs posted from individual accounts. That might generate some unwanted attention.)
Photos of a high quality
A well-optimized Instagram profile relies heavily on high-quality photographs. People are likely to scan through the first 10 or so photographs in your feed when they visit your profile. That person’s decision to follow you or not will be influenced by the quality of your images. You may be able to get away with a few sloppy messages on Twitter, but you don’t want sloppy photographs on Instagram.
In order to make the most of your Instagram images, always think about them this way: Do not publish anything if you do not have something visually appealing to show for your time on social media.
What makes an Instagram picture beautiful are three things: a compelling topic, a well-taken snapshot, and an excellent editing work.
Number One Requirement: A Fascinating and Timely Topic
You should consider your customer persona while choosing a topic for your content. What kind of picture would pique their interest? It is Coca-goal Cola’s to appeal to young people who are interested in having fun, making friends, and doing sports. It is for this reason that they upload images of young people doing exciting and risky activities, such as DJing at a concert or skiing on a sunny day. (Of course, with Coke in hand.)

Coca-Cola Argentina provided the image for this post.
Why not try something new and see if it works even better? Laugh at yourself. The most cherished and widely circulated images are often the ones that are characterised by a sense of humour.
Baddie Winkle and Jeremy Veach provided the images.
For additional picture inspiration, check out this list of 16 of the most popular companies on InstagramInstagram .’s account.
Ingredient #2: A Beautifully Composed and Captured Photograph
There is no need to be an expert photographer to create stunning Instagram images. Take your time and study the finest techniques, such as framing your images, using unique angles and viewpoints, and making use of “”leading lines,”” symmetry, patterns, and more.
Do you know how to do these things?
To get you started, check out this article on how to take better images with your smartphone.
Editing is the third and last ingredient.
Instagram includes some rudimentary editing tools, but they aren’t always sufficient to transform a photo into something really remarkable. You should modify at least one or two of your images on your cell phone before uploading them to Instagram for the very first time.
Don’t worry, however. Editing images is simple after you’ve downloaded the appropriate software. To get proficient, all you need to do is practise. For what it’s worth (I can vouch for this).
For a step-by-step guide on editing Instagram images, check out this blog article. With the help of this essay, you’ll learn how to take use of Instagram’s greatest editing capabilities, and it will also recommend two or three crucial photo-editing applications.

The 11 finest picture and video editing applications for mobile devices can be found in this blog article, which includes a list of more complex tools. You may edit everything from sharpening certain areas of a picture to lightening specific colours to give your shot a more vibrant appearance using these tools.

  1. Regular and Consistent Posting
    An active Instagram profile is a well-optimized profile. Instagram doesn’t need as frequent a posting schedule as other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter because of the emphasis on picture quality. Instead, concentrate on producing high-quality content and distributing it to the right people at the right time.
    Use this Instagram content calendar template to organise your posts and stay on top of your Instagram activity. It is a good idea to accumulate a stockpile of images for emergencies, such as weekends away or when you take a trip.
    The optimum time to post on Instagram is at what hour of the day? For the most part, people use Instagram whenever they have a few minutes to spare, but data reveals that many people are more active during their off-hours than during their workdays.
    Any time between 3:00–4:00 p.m. for your target audience’s time zone was the optimum time to post on Instagram on Mondays and Thursdays.
    In the United States, the Eastern and Central time zones make up around 80% of the population and should be combined.) Use the time zones of your target audience if you’re targeting an audience outside of the United States.)
    You should, however, test them out to determine whether they resonate with your target demographic.



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